ECTR Grants for Research on Secure Tolerance

The ECTR announces the Call for Applications to the ECTR Grants Programme on Secure Tolerance  

ECTR Grants may be held for up to 1 year. The maximum grant value is 50,000 Euro. 

The applications shall be submitted by e-mail to the address: 

ECTR Research Grants will be awarded for original thinking and research on how the theory and practice of tolerance should be re-imagined to meet the new challenges of a globalized world and the highly diverse and sometimes fragmented societies it contains. Secure Tolerance is currently not a widespread nor widely understood concept. It may appear to be a contradiction, as the word “secure” contains a subtext of control, which many believe to be implicitly inimical to tolerance. However, this concept has to be understood as a paradox—a truth framed in the form of an apparent contradiction– that is intended to encourage researchers and practitioners to think freshly and creatively on issues that convention perspectives have been unable to resolve. All research proposals should provide a conceptual framework or practical solutions showing how to make tolerance – understood as a balance of rights and obligations – more secure and sustainable. Applications for Grants will be assessed not only by reference to standards of high intellectual rigour but also with regard to how they reframe the idea of toleration in a time when its practice is increasingly threatened. Areas of concern include the fostering of hatred against ethnic and religious groups, the rise of political extremism on the Right and Left, increasing immigration pressure and persistent social, cultural & economic inequalities and divisions, problems of social integration and the growth of sub-cultures that have not internalized or actively reject the value of toleration. The overall aim of the Grant programme is to foster new thinking on these and related issues by developing and applying the concept of a more secure form of tolerance.

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