About ECTR

Opinion-making and advisory body on the promotion of tolerance, reconciliation and education.

The European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation is a non-partisan and non-governmental institution established in October 2008 by Dr Moshe Kantor. This international organisation focuses on monitoring tolerance in Europe and preparing practical recommendations to foster understanding between peoples of various ethnic origin, educate on techniques of reconciliation, facilitate post-conflict social apprehensions, monitor chauvinistic behaviours and propose pro-tolerance initiatives and legal solutions.

The ECTR consists of distinguished representatives of the civic society in Europe and beyond. ECTR Members have all proven with their past and current activities the importance they attribute to the remembrance of the past, the promotion of tolerance and the fight against racism, antisemitism and xenophobia today in Europe.


The seat of the ECTR is in Brussels.


The European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation is an international NGO, established in October 2008, on the initiative of Moshe Kantor, Aleksander Kwaśniewski and Vaclav Havel. The idea of the Council dates back to the International Stockholm Forum on the Holocaust organized by the Swedish government on the 26-28 January 2000, which emphasized that the whole international community shares a solemn responsibility to fight such evils as extremism, racism, antisemitism and xenophobia.

ECTR President
Dr. Moshe Kantor

Dr. Moshe Kantor is a prominent public figure, international philanthropist and scientist who has served as the President of the European Jewish Congress since 2007. He is known worldwide for his fight against antisemitism, racism, neo-Nazism, negationism and intolerance.

In 2005, Moshe Kantor founded the World Holocaust Forum Foundation (WHF), established to support Holocaust remembrance activities for the sake of preserving the historical memory of nations all over the world and preventing future tragedies. The same year, he initiated and organised, in partnership with WHF, the first “Let My People Live!” International Forum in Krakow, Poland, to mark 60 years since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Since then, the Forum has acquired great support from the European Union institutions and Heads of State as well as high-ranking politicians and distinguished personalities. It has become a tradition to organise the Forum on historical dates and sites related to the Shoah. The Fourth “Let My People Live!” International Forum was organised in 2015 in Prague and Theresienstadt, Czech Republic, in collaboration with the President of the Czech Republic and the President of the European Parliament.

Following the decisions of the Forum in Krakow, Moshe Kantor pursued the aim of establishing an European organization that would foster tolerance and reconciliation in Europe. Created in 2008, ECTR is a non-governmental organisation composed of former European Heads of State, Nobel Peace Prize laureates and other world-renowned individuals for their achievements in promoting tolerance. From 2008 until 2014, ECTR was co-chaired by Aleksander Kwaśniewski, former President of Poland. Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has assumed this position between June 2015 and 7 April 2022. The ECTR was established to monitor European countries’ adherence to principles of democracy and tolerance and to develop practical initiatives aimed at promoting mutual understanding and reconciliation between peoples and cultures.

Within his wide-ranging public and charitable activities, Moshe Kantor’s is president of the European Jewish Congress, president of the International Luxembourg Forum on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe, chair of the World Jewish Congress Policy Council, president of the World Holocaust Forum Foundation, chair of the European Jewish Fund and lifelong president of the Anna Freud National Center for Children and Families.