Vilma Trajkovska

Member of the ECTR Board

Vilma Trajkovska is the former First Lady of the Republic of Macedonia and the widow of the late Boris Trajkovski, who was the second President of the Republic of Macedonia from 1999 to 2004.

Currently, she serves as Director of Publication Services of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia.  She is also the Founder of VITRA, a non-profit and non-governmental foundation established in Macedonia in 2001 aimed at affirmation of women and their role in the comprehensive development of society.  As the former First Lady, Mrs. Trajkovska played a dynamic role in Macedonia, serving as hostess to the wives and spouses of visiting foreign dignitaries, representing Macedonia abroad on trips with her husband, and hosting and attending various conferences and forums in Macedonia and abroad.

She was a patron of the International Conference “Women in 21st Century” held in 2002 in Ohrid which focused on the role of women in the development of democracy in South East Europe.

Mrs. Trajkovska is the Founder of the Boris Trajkovski International Foundation.

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