Press Statement On Attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels


The ECTR has received with great sadness and sorrow the news of shooting at Jewish Museum in Brussels. Europe is shocked watching renewed acts of terror unraveling in our cities, just in the middle of elections to European Parliament.

It is a despicable attack, an affront to European values that we are dedicated to and obliged to protect. Even more worrying is the emerging patter, composed of previous similar racist and ant-Semitic attacks that has occurred in various places of our continent. One of the sources of this phenomenon is a wave of political extremism, grasping a strong foothold in European constituencies, unseen for decades.

The attack in Brussels is therefore just another alarm bell for political leaders in Europe. The ECTR appeals to all policy- and decision-makers to seriously tackle extremism. The other side of the same coin is the promotion of tolerance in European societies , among states, religions and cultures. The ECTR is proposing in this regard the adoption of the National Statute on the Promotion of Tolerance. It has been elaborated by a Group of Eminent International Lawyers, entrusted with this task by the ECTR.

The European Statute has been already presented to various Parliaments and governments across Europe, including in the European Parliament, Rome, Budapest, Zagreb and Vienna. It proposes innovative legal provisions that help to stamp out intolerance and promote tolerance in European societies. Today the ECTR calls again for the implementation of this Statute, as an important contribution to tackle the emerging threats.

ECTR Members of the Board
- Jose María Aznar - former Prime Minister of Spain
- Erhard Busek - former Special Coordinator for the Stability Pact for Southeast Europe and former
Vice-Chancellor of Austria
- Talât Sait Halman - former Minister of Culture of the Turkish Republic, Professor of Bilkent University
- Igor Ivanov - former Foreign Minister and Secretary of the Security Council of Russia
- Aleksander Kwaśniewski - former President of Poland
- Viatcheslav Kantor - President of the European Jewish Congress and the World Holocaust Forum
- Milan Kučan - former President of Slovenia
- Alfred Moisiu - former President of Albania
- Göran Persson - former Prime Minister of Sweden
- Rita Süssmuth - former Speaker of the German Bundestag
- Vilma Trajkovska - President of the Boris Trajkovski International Foundation, Macedonia
- George Vassiliou - former President of the Republic of Cyprus
- Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga - former President of Latvia