ECTR presentation in the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest


On the 27th of November 2013, the ECTR together with the Mikhaly Tancis Foundation has organized a Presentation of the European Framework Statute on the Promotion of Tolerance in the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest.

The Seminar was attended i.a. by several MPs. from the Judicial and Human Rights Commission.

The ECTR has welcomed a warm reception of the European Framework Statute from the MSZP Party (Socialdemocrats). The MSZP MP's present have endorsed our project and agreed to further adapt it by their lawyers. They have declared that the adapted Law will be forwarded as a legislative initiative in the new Parliament (parliamentary elections are scheduled for April 2014).

The ECTR expresses its hope and belief that also other Hungarian Parties - inlcuding the FIDESZ of Prime Minister Victor Orban - would support this legislative initiative once on the Agenda of the newly elected Parliament.

This would go in line with previous declarations of Prime Minister Orban to strenghten measures that would address the worrying patterns of intolerance in Hungary.