ECTR meeting with Austrian Minister of Justice Dr. Wolfgang Brandstetter


On the 17th March 2014, the ETR delegation has met in Vienna with the Austrian Minister of Justice Dr. Wolfgang Brandstetter and his staff.

The main purpose of the meeting was the presentation of the European Framework Statute on the Promotion of Tolerance. The presentation was received with interest and issues like genocide denial, group libel, independent media observing commission were among the most debated.

The Minister has also informed the ECTR that the Ministry has established a special Review Commission which-on the 40th Anniversary of the Criminal Code adoption in Austria-will present proposals for updating the code. The minister declared that he will pass the ECTR project for further work in this Commission, as it may result in some innovative proposals to the Austrian law.

On behalf of the ECTR, Prof. Yoram Dinstein and Dr. Ireneusz Bil well present.