ECTR awards 2018 European Medal of Tolerance to HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco

The European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation has bestowed the 2018 European Medal of Tolerance upon HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco for his exceptional personal leadership and inspiration to advance truth, tolerance and historical reconciliation.
ECTR  President Dr. Moshe Kantor and ECTR Chairman and former UK Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Tony Blair presented the award to Prince Albert at the ECTR’s first roundtable held in Monte Carlo entitled “Tackling Extremism and Intolerance in a Diverse Society”, to address the threat of radicalisation and issues surrounding the challenges to tolerance in European societies.
Heralding Prince Albert’s commitment to advancing a true account of the Holocaust, Dr. Kantor said his focus on historical accuracy supports “the best traditions of the Principality in tackling challenges of co-existence, respect and compassion”.
Dr. Kantor said on conferring the honour. “You have found the courage and political wisdom to openly address painful history and difficult memories. Your Highness’ gesture of supporting historical truth and unveiling a monument commemorating deported Jews in World War II has been such a liberating act of contrition, all the more impressive because it concerned not only your own people, but also your own family’s political responsibilities for the course of events.”
“The promotion of international tolerance, reconciliation and education for which we must work are, in my view, of paramount importance in order to build a balanced world showing solidarity,” Prince Albert said, upon receiving the award. “I am particularly touched by the recognition that you are honouring me with and I would like to thank you very much. As Head of State, I will ensure that my actions continue to be worthy of the trust you have shown me today.”