"Climbing the Kanridge" - a new essay by ECTR President, Dr. Moshe Kantor


"Climbing the Kanridge" addresses one of today’s principle questions – how to safeguard a stable national and international order in a rebalancing and uncertain world.

The essay devotes a lot of attention to the concept of “responsible management of development”, which, according to the author, has two most important dimensions – Security and Tolerance, aggregates of two principle needs of humanity. The balance between these two is particular to each nation and time and “ensures sustainable, responsible development of the country, society or, on a wider scale, region or trans-regional group of countries.” The result of this balance is a state called Secure Tolerance. 

The concept of “responsible management of development” leads to an important conclusion - tolerance is not traded for security, or vice-versa; they may increase both at the same time. It also indicates that stagnation is not an optimal choice in a rapidly changing environment – the “complex and dynamic” 3D Kanridge requires constant adaptation, which aptly describe the characteristic of today’s world.

The ECTR publishes the essay as inspiration for broader discussion and as purpose for further research on “Kanridges” in different fields. The ideas and problems portrayed in “Climbing the Kanridge” will be also investigated within the ECTR Research Grant Program, launched in 2018. 

Everyone is invited to share his thoughts and propose own “Kanridge” research. The proposals are welcomed at office@ectr.eu

You can download “Climbing the Kanridge” here:

Climbing Kanridge (English)

Climbing Kanridge (Russian)