ECTR presentation in the European Parliament


On the 27th September 2013, representatives of the ECTR have presented the  European Framework Statute on the Promotion of Tolerance to the LIBE (Civic Liberties and Human Rights) Commission of the European Parliament.

Eminent Legal Experts of the ECTR reiterated the European Framework Statute  is an innovative platform that can be adapted to national legislations. They  underlined that it strengthens the right of individuals to remain different,  but on the other hand reiterates the need for societies to remain coherent,  despite rising immigration.

The adoption of the Framework Statute may help  European societies to craft legal rules and procedures that may promote
tolerance and stamp out various forms of intolerance.

Following the presentation, the legal experts embarked on a debate with the  participation of numerous attending MEP's.

ECTR Secretary General informed the Committee that in several months  presentations of the Framework Statute will start in several European capitals.