The European Medal of Tolerance 2010


The first European Medal of Tolerance has been awarded by the ECTR on the November 11, 2010 to His Majesty Juan Carlos I, the King of Spain.

The European Medal of Tolerance is intended to honor living individuals and active public or private bodies or institutions that have made a significant contribution to promoting, seeking, safeguarding or maintaining Tolerance on the European continent.

The European Medal of Tolerance was conferred on His Majesty  Juan Carlos I specifically because of:

His Majesty’s lifelong dedication and devotion to the matter of  tolerance and political reconciliation, which has enabled  one of the most remarkable political and social transformation in Europe after World War II. HM Juan Carlos successfully oversaw a peaceful transition of Spain  from dictatorship to parliamentary democracy, paying respect to the uneasy history of its nation. The enlightened way that King Juan Carlos has led his country has to be distinguished and put as an example to the whole of Europe.

His Majesty’s lifelong efforts to build a tolerant society in Spain,  with its many nationalities, cultures and religions, with a strong and diversified migration, with the many disintegrative tendencies and terrorist activities. A society that builds today upon the multi-cultural heritage of the Kingdom of Spain, preparing to meet the challenges of the XXI century.

His Majesty’s reign and activities brought to life what the nations of the World have unequivocally put down in the UNESCO Charter that “tolerance is harmony in difference; it is not only a moral duty, but also a political and legal necessity.”.